Our Services

Mind2Momentum offers training, consultation, facilitation services, workshops, and speaking engagements in the following areas:

Entrepreneurial Styles Workshops

Using the Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument as well as other tools, we can help your leaders, leadership teams, and project teams take advantage of each person’s unique talents and perspective by facilitating workshops centered on entrepreneurial and innovation styles.

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Doing Business the Disney Way

Based on more than 10 years of extensive interviews, field, and archival research, Goldsby and Mathews released Entrepreneurship the Disney Way November 2018. They offer speaking engagements, workshops, and team building sessions on Walt Disney the entrepreneur as well as the behaviors that set the company apart in the marketplace, such as service, innovation, common language, and attention to detail, among others.

Innovation and Complex Problem Solving Training and Facilitations

Using the Simplexity process and other methods, Goldsby and Mathews are certified Professional Innovation Advisors, and can facilitate inclusive and productive problem solving sessions to help you tackle your biggest challenges and opportunities in a unique way. We can assure you our approach is significantly different than any engagement you’ve ever had with a consultant, as our system drives employee and stakeholder ownership in the problem definition, solution creation, and implementation phases of the problem-solving process. Most organizations and teams peg the wrong problem, wasting a great deal of time, energy, and resources reworking failed solutions. We help your team reframe the challenge and focus their energy towards workable solutions and implementation plans. And the best part of this process: Your team will own the problems, opportunities, solutions, and most importantly, implementation plans, because they created them instead of them being prescribed by a consultant!

After experiencing our services, many of our clients have select associates trained in the Simplexity Innovation and Problem Solving Process. We are certified trainers, and are thus approved to offer certification in the Simplexity process. We offer “mixed” training sessions as well as on-site options if you are planning on seeking certification for multiple associates.

Strategic Planning Workshops and Facilitations

Through our unique reframing and mapping process, we can help your teams assemble complex and inclusive strategic plans. We also offer proven processes for working through personal and corporate mission statements, values statements, purpose statements, and other key tools that will help your team to all row in the same direction. Much like the problem solving process described above, our system stands apart from others in that your team and stakeholders own the strategy and implementation plan instead of the consultant.

Creativity and Organizational Innovation Speaking Engagements and Workshops

We specialize in guiding your team towards an environment that encourages idea flow, creativity, and innovative solutions. If your team needs to unleash its creative potential and develop a culture that encourages feedback, a variety of ideas, and positive discourse, we can help!

Leadership, Human Development, and Team Building Training Programs, Speaking Engagements, and Workshops

We offer a wide variety of training, facilitation, workshop, and speaking options to help your team discover themselves, each, other, and leadership best practices, using materials from Maxwell, Collins, Blanchard, Sinek, Grant, Godin, Abrashoff, Covey, Carnegie, Lencioni, and Kouzes and Posner, among others. We are certified and trained facilitators in a variety of assessments and leadership programs, including:

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument
  • Basadur Innovation and Problem Solving Profile (functional preferences)
  • Gallup’s CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder)
  • Gallup’s Builder Profile-10 (Builder and Entrepreneurial Talents)
  • Gallup’s Q12 Employee Engagement Survey
  • DiSC Profile
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile
  • Maxwell Leadership

Entrepreneurial Advising and Coaching

When your team is ready to plan for and pursue opportunities, we can help facilitate with our more than 40 combined years of experience in lean startup methodologies, business planning, customer mapping, touchpoint mapping and problem solving.

Conflict Management Speaking Engagements and Workshops

In additional to the assessment tools mentioned above we are also trained and well-researched in conflict resolution, workplace satisfaction and engagement, conversational intelligence, emotional intelligence, and mutual accountability.

Contact Rob Mathews at rob@elprofile.com for more information about consulting, scheduling speaking engagements, training sessions, facilitations, or workshops.
The ELI framework is based on the Basadur Innovation Profile, and is used with gracious permission from our friends at Basadur Innovation. Visit basadurprofile.com to take the Basadur Innovation Profile.