Self awareness, others awareness, and the entrepreneurial process

Tackle entrepreneurial ventures, projects, and innovation with confidence to drive success.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument Overview

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument helps leaders to discover their entrepreneurial style and build teams to launch, build, and sustain successful ventures, social ventures, and organizational innovation teams. It does this by analyzing how leaders and team members approach opportunities.

By using the Instrument you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of your entrepreneurial leadership style and how it impacts ideas, proof of concept, organization- building, sustainability, and selling.
  • learn to work with your style to optimize your performance and enjoy your work
  • Gain a deep understanding of what entrepreneurial styles are needed to build collaborative, innovative, happy teams that complement your entrepreneurial leadership style.
  • lead your team more effectively with greater insight into their preferences, strengths, and weaknesses
Everyone approaches opportunities differently.
The Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument helps you identify which of the four entrepreneurial styles you prefer:

‘I like to explore ideas, new ways of doing things, and human needs’
Artists love finding human needs and opportunities to work on.

‘I like to dive deep and perfect new ideas and technologies’
Scientists want to prove new ideas through extensive research, testing, and prototyping before moving on.

‘I want to scale organizations by building teams and effective systems’
Builders enjoy building powerful teams and systems that facilitate growth and stability.

‘I desire to promote our cause and inspire followers’
Evangelists create energy through consistent and passionate messaging.

Whether you are an individual who wants to know more about your entrepreneurial style, a leader or project manager seeking greater insight into your team, or a consultant who wants to use the Instrument to deliver better results to your clients, we have a package to suit.

Approach your opportunities with confidence.
Take the Instrument.
Understand diverse thinking and action around opportunities
Each entrepreneurial style is critical to the entrepreneurial and innovation processes. However, differences in approach can create friction in teams and frustration in individuals.
Use self- and others-discovery to seize your opportunities
We created the Entrepreneurial Leadership Instrument (ELI) for this very reason. By gaining insight into yourself and others you can understand, appreciate and harness this diversity in thinking to collaborate and innovate more effectively.
Empower success and sustainability
The ELI is not a personality test that divides people into fixed categories. It is a tool to help individuals, teams and organizations understand how to increase creativity and innovation--and ultimately success and sustainability--in a supportive environment around opportunities.
About the ELI
The ELI was developed by entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation experts, Dr. Michael Goldsby and Dr. Rob Mathews. The backbone of the ELI is based on 40 years of organizational psychological research by Dr. Min Basadur and over 20 years of research, teaching, and consulting in entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership by Drs Goldsby and Mathews.
The ELI framework is based on the Basadur Innovation Profile, and is used with gracious permission from our friends at Basadur Innovation. Visit to take the Basadur Innovation Profile.